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The research and proposal focused on the corporate video game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, as the client and user of the designed space. Blizzard’s current headquarters in Irvine, California, the company’s epicenter for game development, along with REX’s proposal for a renovation to the corporate headquarters of Activision | Blizzard, the game developers parent publishing company, in Santa Monica, California To historically contextualize the strategies and claims about the office building, I also conducted research on the Larkin Administration Building by Frank Lloyd Wright and BBC Scotland’s Glasgow Studios designed by David Chipperfield. Case studies based on an early observation of the progression of the atrium space through the lens of its organizational principles and environmental effects. Through research I implemented a design strategy that seeks to marry rigid methods of programmatic organization with an understanding of Blizzard’s office culture as a series of environmental needs, using the atrium as our stage for this union.

Research including precedent studies and site analysis
Performed programming analysis
Conceptual design
Prepared and made presentations
Design development

Software Used
Rhinoceros, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop


Hitoshe Abe, Gus Heully

Design Team

Derek Buell, Farzad Mirshafiei

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