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Self-Lifting Mobility Project


Truck-A-Tecture examines architecture as redefined by mobility and technical expansion. This exhibition generated a unique conversation and offered a new perspective on modern housing. A mash-up of popular and elite cultures, Truck-A-Tecture transcended the current definitions of “pre-fabrication” and “mobile architecture.” Topics of nomadism, transportation, trucking culture and the nature of “home” are among the topics explored in this exhibition. Other issues considered in this dialogue are sustainability and technological advances that have led many to a leaner, more efficient lifestyle.The ‘self-lifting mobility project’ (S/LMP), reduces the number of possessions a nomadic individual has, in order to allow for increased mobility and flexibility. The structure maximizes spatial opportunity through transformable elements, including a scissor lift and engaged cabinetry. While resting in a slanted position, the sleeping loft flips upward, enclosed by a tent-frame shell. The back canopy similarly rotates outward to shade the back area.


Researched precedents
Performed conceptual design using 3D models
Construction drawings and take offs for materials and quantities
Construction using CNC fabrication and cabinetry techniques
Selected materials, furnishings, finishes
Coordinated with consultant for exterior cover
3D Renderings and booklet
Setting up for installation in exhibitions
Marketing which led to publications in web magazines

Software Used
Rhinoceros, Illustrator

70 square feet

Adaptive reuse of trailer


Mark Mack

Design Team

Dema Hajmurad, Julie Mithun

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